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    You purchase Viking products because they perform their function well and because we support you with the best-in-industry U.S. based technical support; but now we're giving you another reason to choose Viking products - a Two Year Limited Warranty! We didn't cut back on any coverage, it's just like our old warranty, only twice as long - at no extra cost.

    Use our longer warranty as a selling point when you're quoting against the competition, or consider the value of a longer warranty when you're evaluating proposals from other suppliers, either way, it's a win-win improvement.

    For a copy of the Viking Two year Limited Warranty, enter 101 in the Document On Demand (DOD) box in the upper right corner of our website, or  click here.
  • NEW: Automated Receptionist

    The AR-1 Automated Receptionist is a digital call screening and messaging system designed to answer calls with an informative greeting then, let callers ring through to talk to someone live, select from other prerecorded messages or hang up. Program and record using a standard Touch Tone phone. Twelve (12) minutes of total record time and up to 8 different messages can be recorded into the unit.   Click here for more info   
  • NEW: Network Enabled Relay Controller

    The RC-4 Network Enabled Relay Controller provides networked control of four remote relays via a web interface. The same interface can be used to check the status of four contact closures at the remote location. Relays can be toggled on or off, or user-programmed timed closures can be activated. Two levels of user access permit selected users to have full operational and programming rights while others have operational control but not programming capability.   Click here for more info   
  • NEW: High Performance Proximity Card Reader with up to 16 inches of Read Range

    The model PRX-3 is a high performance medium range 125KHz proximity card reader. The PRX-3’s compact size yet long read range of up to 16 inches make it ideal for parking control, gate access, turnstiles, etc. It is designed to be mounted directly to a wall, post, single gang electrical box or use an optional mounting kit for attaching it to a gooseneck pedestal. To increase vandal resistance the chassis is a single piece design with the mounting screws concealed behind a UV stable label.   Click here for more info   
  • NEW: Advanced Clock Controlled Tone / Message Generator

    Viking’s model CTG-2 is an advanced clock controlled tone/message generator designed to provide accurately timed tones and/or messages over your existing paging system. This provides a cost effective way of signaling school period changes, factory shifts, breaks, lunch periods, etc. Use the CTG-2 in conjunction with Viking's Wireless Analog and Digital Clocks for a complete wireless system.   Click here for more info   
  • NEW: Provide Line Powered Visual "Ring", "Off Hook" and Message Waiting Indication

    The Viking model LPL-1 connects to any standard analog phone line or phone system’s analog station port to provide visual “Ring” Indication, “On The Phone” indication and “Message Waiting” indication. The LPL-1 won’t have you guessing which phone is ringing in busy offices. The large flashing LED can be seen up to 100 feet away. Click here for more info   
  • NEW: Wireless Analog / Digital Clocks and Accessories

    Viking’s Wireless Clock System provides reliable, accurately synchronized clocks for your entire facility. Eliminating dedicated clock wiring can save you thousands of dollars on installation and also allows for easy retrofitting of an existing installation. The system is comprised of a CTG-2 master clock, a CL-RFT clock RF transmitter and Analog or Digital wireless slave clocks. Working on Viking’s 915-928MHz frequency hopping technology eliminates interference with other wireless products and requires no FCC license, eliminating extraneous fees. Installation is a cinch for our wireless clocks, just insert the batteries or connect power and hang them. That’s it.   Click here for more info   
  • NEW: Proximity Card Reader

    The model PRX-1 is a 125KHz proximity card reader and is designed to be mounted directly to a metal door or window frame (mullions), making it ideal for applications requiring an access credential. The proximity card reader transmits data in 26-Bit Wiegand format, making it compatible with any of the Wiegand equipped Viking entry controllers. The PRX-1 delivers non-contact read ranges up to 6 inches (152 mm), and operates from 5 to 14 VDC. Concealing the mounting hardware, the PRX-1 ships with both Black and Ash (Off-White) covers standard.   Click here for more info  
  • NEW: Proximity Card Reader with Keypad

    The model PRX-2 is designed to be mounted directly to standard single-gang wall box, and integrates both a 125KHz proximity card reader and keypad into a single-unit making it ideal for applications requiring an access credential and/or personal identification number (PIN). The proximity card reader and keypad of the PRX-2 both transmit data in 26-Bit Wiegand format, making it compatible with any of the Wiegand equipped Viking entry controllers.   Click here for more info  

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