HUDSON, WI – April 17, 2019 – The 300AE is a high power weather resistant 10-inch paging horn, that is designed to work efficiently with a variety of paging systems.

“The 300AE is a great sounding horn that you can throw on just about any paging system and get a pleasing result.” – Paul Speltz, Senior Engineer, Viking Electronics, Inc.

You can use the 300AE with any Viking 8-Ohm or 25/70 Volt amplifier, or use a 3rd party amplifier with the same output. The 10-inch horn greatly improves voice clarity and is useful for directing sound down long warehouse aisles. It can be used indoors and outdoors, and all 300AE horns ship with weather resistant features. The included mounting hardware is fully adjustable to fit into those tight rafter spaces.

When used with 25V or 70V amplifiers, the 300AE has an on-board rotary switch that allows the installer to adjust each horn’s volume independently of the next horn. The 300AE has a 30-watt power rating, and is capable of broadcasting voice pages, background music, and other audio signals 50% more efficiently than its little brother, the Viking model 25AE. The 300AE will produce the same volume as a 25AE while using only half the wattage.

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