Simplifying office security and communications

Simplifying office
security and

Security With Battle-tested Technology

There are few more important things than building security. Your business is a place where collaboration takes place, community is built, and business is grown. That’s why we love building security: we’ll do our thing so you can do yours.

Devices For Every Building Design

It’s your building; get a system that fits your space, your people, and your needs. Viking gets it done.

Features Galore. Take Your Pick.

Color video? Done. Proximity reader? Let’s do it. Built-in bottle opener with an automatic dishwasher? Don’t get carried away here.

Obsessive Durability

Nobody in the world spends more time developing vandal resistant and weather protective security and communication devices.

Stuck? Let's Figure This Out

Security and communications are complex. You have tech questions, we have engineers who love tech solutions.


Viking Delivers the Goods

The K-Series is built around a SIP door entry phone with a 250-phone number auto dialer and a keypad for speed dialing tenant phone numbers or entering keyless entry codes. Need more? Add a built-in video camera for a video entry phone, or built in proximity reader.


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Install Innovation The First Time

Install quality and innovation the first time with Viking Electronics. Get the toughest products that match your system infrastructure with the features you need. 

It Takes a Viking

When you choose Viking Electronics, you get reliable technology that does what you need it to. Whether your system calls for analog or VoIP, multiple access points, or color video, Viking has what you need. Always secure and battle tested.


Made & Engineered in USA

At Viking “American Made” matters. It’s what built our company and it’s what keeps our products tough and reliable!

2 Year Warranty

We know you choose Viking because we get the job done. Need another reason? Two-year limited warranty, Viking has your back.

Free American Product Support

When you need product support, we won’t outsource your call. You’ll talk with one of our techs right here in Hudson, Wisconsin.

Hundreds of Products & Features

Every Viking product was designed for one reason: You needed us to find a solution. Now we’re 500+ products strong with piles of features so you can find the perfect solution for your install.

Tough Against Terrible Weather

We never shy away from a challenge and we know you don’t either. Enhanced Weather Protection means that from sunshine to snow storms, a Viking has to work.

Robust Product Documentation

Finding information should be quick and easy. Every product has a “Document on Demand” number. Enter that into our search bar and you get specs, features, instructions, and more in seconds flat.

50 Years of Unmatched Durability

The Viking legacy of grit and grace is built into every product. We’ve spent 5 decades perfecting your devices so they work when you need them.


You Need a Viking!

For more than 55 years, Viking has been a consistent leader in security and communication, and we will continue to evolve and adapt in this ever-changing industry. Discover new products and solutions in the latest Viking catalog!

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