Line Powered Visual Indication

Model: LPL-1

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The Viking model LPL-1 connects to any standard analog phone line or phone system’s analog station port* to provide visual “ring” indication, “on the phone” indication and “message waiting**” indication. The LPL-1 won’t have you guessing which phone is ringing in busy offices. The large flashing LED can be seen up to 100 feet away. When used with a headset on an analog phone, you can end those nagging interruptions that occur when associates don’t realize you are on the phone because you are using a headset. The LPL-1 will light steady indicating to everyone that you are on the phone, flash during ringing or fast flash to indicate message waiting**.

*Caution: The LPL-1 is not compatible with digital station ports. **When installed on phone systems with standard 90VDC message waiting voltage. Important: The LPL-1 is not designed to recognize stutter dial tone from any analog telephone company line or PABX.