60 Watt Two Zone Amplifier

Model: PA-60

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The PA-60 can directly drive up to sixty (60) 8 Ohm paging speakers or one hundred (100) 70 Volt or 25 Volt paging speakers. Both channels can be fed the same input so the PA-60 can be used as a single large amplifier, or each channel can be fed different inputs so the PA-60 can be used as a two zone amplifier.

This small and lightweight chassis design is possible by utilizing new amplifier technology that is 300% less inefficient than old designs competitors use. High efficiency means much less heat disipation, smaller size, higher reliability, and lower cost.

Since each input has its own gain adjustment, one zone can be turned up louder for warehouse paging horn speakers, and the other zone can be turned down for office ceiling speakers. A two-zone paging system can also be helpful for installations in which one group of paging speakers is connected to a source that provides background music using the Viking PI-1A Paging Interface unit, and the other zone provides only paging.

The Viking models CTG-1 or CTG-2A can be used to add clock controlled tones with paging to both zones, or one zone can have just paging and be free of the time scheduled alert tones. The same can be done with the Viking model MTG-10 in which one zone can have just paging, and the other zone can have paging plus the 10 different siren, warble, and chime tones that the MTG-10 can provide.

One or two PA-60’s can be added to the Viking model ZPI-4 four zone paging interface to provide either 60 Watts or 120 Watts of total paging power in four zones. The PA-60 can also be used to add additional paging power to other Viking paging products such as the PA-2A, PA-15, and PA-30.

The PA-60’s inputs are transformer coupled so they are floating and isolated. Because of this they can be connected to any line level audio signal, or by turning down the input gain control to unity gain, can be connected directly to the output of another amplifier. This allows the PA-60 to be connected directly to an existing paging system speaker wire run to extend the run, with up to 60 more paging speakers.

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