Multi-Tone Generator

Model: MTG-10

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Product Details

The model MTG-10 is a multi-tone generator designed to add multiple contact-controlled audio tones to paging systems or 600 Ohm inputs.

The MTG-10’s audio input can be connected to any paging source, ie: phone system paging port or background music. When a contact closure is provided to one of the inputs, the paging or background music is faded out and the appropriate tone is generated over the paging system. The siren or the evacuation whoop always have priority and over-ride any other tone being generated.

The MTG-10 can also be configured to provide a tone every 15 seconds to notify callers that their conversation is being recorded.


Tone Description Preview Download
MTG-10 784Hz Tone Interrupted 784Hz Tone N/A
MTG-10 All Clear All Clear N/A
MTG-10 Disclosure Tone Telephone Recording Disclosure Tone N/A
MTG-10 Door Chime Door Chime (Ding Dong) N/A
MTG-10 Double Buzz Double Buzz N/A
MTG-10 Double Chime Double Chime N/A
MTG-10 Double Gong Double Gong N/A
MTG-10 Evacuation Whoop Evacuation Whoop N/A
MTG-10 Fast Whoop Fast Whoop N/A
MTG-10 Hi-Low Hi-Low Siren N/A
MTG-10 March Time Horn March Time Horn N/A
MTG-10 Quadruple Chime Quadruple Chime N/A
MTG-10 Siren Siren N/A
MTG-10 Steady Buzz Steady Buzz N/A
MTG-10 Warble Warble (Electronic Ring) N/A